Hundreds of kilometres of routes running through forests, mountains, frozen lakes, rivers, and marshland. Unforgettable views and adrenaline skyrocketing once the ignition button is pressed. A snowmobile safari in such a magnificent place like Lapland will remain in your memory forever!

It is an offer for those who take challenges in their stride, and who love and respect nature. Moving around Lapland in a snowmobile requires tenacity and stamina. In return, we guarantee unmatched experiences and unforgettable memories.

Our expedition beyond the Arctic Circle is not just snowmobile rides. It is a journey to a different world:

  • reindeer farms
  • ice fishing
  • traditional Finnish sauna by the lake accompanied by a bath in an air hole
  • trekking with the snowshoes on
  • dinner by the fire

Snowmobile expedition

Reindeer farm

Sauna & bath in an air hole

Evening walk in snowshoes

There are but few places as unspoilt as Lapland where severe nature allowed local inhabitants to stick to their traditional way of life. And perhaps few of us know that Lapland has been a UNESCO’s World Heritage Site since 1996.

Lapland is the land of snow with boundless white spaces, snow-capped trees, and ice-frozen lakes.  Rest assured that the question “Where the heck is snow?” will never pop up!

Thanks to the best local guides you will get to see places that are not accessible to regular tourists, learn about the local customs and traditions and understand the way of life that enables the locals to live in harmony with Lapland’s weather conditions and nature.

You will visit places which in winter are only accessible by snowmobile, a few dozen km off the beaten track and known only to the local guides. All in all, you will cover a distance of 450 km on snowy routes.

A snowmobile expedition is a unique opportunity to face your inner self, to get to know your strengths and weaknesses, and find out how you deal with challenging conditions.

We provide all the necessary equipment: the snowmobile and the necessary gear – a snowsuit, a helmet, gloves, and boots. What do you need to take along with you? A sleeping bag (not necessarily a winter one as we will be staying in heated houses), a head torch, and a knife.

The expedition is organized in very small intimate groups of 4 up to 7 participants.

A journey to the far-away Lapland is not only an off-road snowmobile expedition.
Snow Plus Adventure: Lapland is also:

  • A visit to a reindeer farm,
  • An evening walk in snowshoes,
  • A Finnish sauna and a bath in an air hole,
  • Local specialities such as reindeer or moose meat prepared in a traditional way on an open fire, and with just a bit of luck
  • breath-taking views of the Aurora Borealis
  • laponia
DATA: 24.02 – 3.03.2018
CENA: EUR 2350.00/ 2699.00

The price includes:
– room and board
– snowmobile package
– unbeatable programme
The expedition in very small group of 4-7 participants.


Detailed offer coming soon.